A Camden for All Ages

We want to get our open, inclusive Camden back. A Camden where everyone can thrive, no matter who they are - our policies fight the current atmosphere of divisiveness with inclusiveness as our top priority.

We should respect our elderly people - from community support to prioritised access to ground floor homes. We need to continue to make our Borough a front-runner in accessibility for people with disabilities, starting with community audits of our public realm to identified long-overlooked access issues. Caring about or elderly will help us as a society to continue to benefit from their wealth of experience and knowledge and help them to live an active, healthy, sociable life as an integrated part of our community.

Young people should be given the help they need to get the most out of their education. The fees for the public transport to go to college or university is a serious issue of matters for many of them. We will champion a ‘Squish Zone’ for our youth with Transport for London. Two simple zones, instead of 6, for a ⅔ reduced price. The action we take now to help young people to prosper, and will save us money and pays back multiple times in future. Better educated children, will get better jobs and pay more tax we can invest in our future.

Inclusiveness is not about favouring certain groups - when everyone feels they can fully take part in our society, every single one of us benefits from it.