Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Crime is a complex issue in Camden, and we need smarter solutions. Our policies will tackle the problem from both sides: the crime's symptoms and causes.

Not only do we need at least one more police officer per ward, we need to encourage more Dispersal Zones on crime hotspots, giving our police more rights to prevent crime before it takes place. We need the sensible installation of more CCTV cameras at those hotspots.

The current rise of knife crime is also a serious problem in London. We must have a strict crackdown on knife-carrying on our streets, and increase higher minimum prison sentences for those who are threatening to cause harm. But we must also address the root causes of this problem. Cuts to the maintenance of public spaces are creating more anti-social behaviour on Camden's streets, from moped-gangs to open drug dealing. Cuts to youth services create a vacuum in which new gangs form, right amongst our neighbourhoods. Much of anti-social behaviour and certain crimes are youth related. The key to dealing with this is more Council support for all youth services.