Brexit matters locally

The Conservatives say, ‘Brexit doesn’t matter locally’. Labour leads Camden council but has no leadership on Brexit. Neither are good enough. Neither can represent the welcoming, inclusive community of Camden. We believe Brexit does matter. As of today, 32% of the people who collect our bins in Camden are EU citizens, and the situation is similar for the NHS and social care, our schools and universities and the businesses on our high streets. Can you imagine what our neighborhood will look like after a hard Tory Brexit? Our streets will not be cleaned, our NHS will collapse, our education system suffer and their will be no one serving us in our stores and restaurants.

In the aftermath of Brexit, hate crime, divisiveness, and xenophobia are also growing in Camden. This issue is local, our bin collections are local, our education is local, our health and social care is local. Our representatives should be ready to represent everyone who calls Camden their home. This is the first major election after the EU referendum where all of our community, both British and European, can have their say against Brexit. This election is time for us to have our voice heard by the Tory government. Independents for The Movement are the only candidates who are fighting for this in Swiss Cottage and Frognal & Fitzjohns and making it our top priority.

° We will raise a motion in Camden council to call for a referendum on the final deal. Camden must become a strong voice and advocat for our European neighbours, friends and family members.

° We will press Camden to support the introduction of a London visa. London must stay open and make sure everyone is welcome in our city and can call it their home.

° We will hold Camden to account to support initiatives and set up own campaigns to fight xenophobia and related hate crime.